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XOLO SMART Classrooms

One-on-one Engagement with Students


Solution to Invigorate

Passion Inspired Learning

XOLO takes a progressive approach in education to encourage the new generation of students to optimise their learning experience through creativity and inspiration, acquired by well-delivered content in multimedia form.


Collaborative Learning Experience

Teachers and students can work together simultaneously, while the teacher can monitor the attentiveness of students during study sessions in classrooms. Our solution improves student communication and peer-to-peer engagement while enhancing the soft skills and attitude of students of any age.

Paperless Learning

All-in-one solution to reduce the use of paper and multiple books in classrooms, with write, save, edit, share options. XOLO application bundles all subject material and classroom work in a single platform, providing one interface to address all educational needs of students. 


Learnability Scoring Approach

With XOLO’s advanced analytics features, teachers and parents can monitor the application usage-behaviour of students over time, and understand the child’s subject preferences, mostly used mode of learning, etc., to offer personalised learning, depending on the way the content is absorbed by each student.   

Multimedia Content Exposure

Via a single user interface, XOLO is capable of delivering digital content through a multimedia experience to students. The solution is further augmented with the ability to write, save, edit and share handwritten notes, while students can read, listen, watch and learn simultaneously.


Handwritten Notes

Even when using Smart Tablets in a Smart Classroom set-up, our solution focuses on enabling and encouraging children to write as we did in the past. With XOLO, this is made possible via a single interface to read, write, search and do much more without having to shift between other apps. 

Remote Learning

Smart Tablet based solution, allows students to access their study content at anytime-anywhere. Similarly, during school closure and or unforeseen emergencies where students are bound to miss planned lessons, XOLO is geared to effectively distribute content remotely and communicate with students, parents, and teachers in real-time.


XOLO Security

The school administrators have full control over the Smart Tablets used by students in real-time and a dedicated web browser is provided within the XOLO application allowing the teachers to monitor the web history of students. With our Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature, both hardware and software can be managed easily, where apps and new features can be installed remotely while limiting external app installations at the School’s discretion.

Let's Transform The Future Of Education

progressive approach in education to encourage the new generation of students to optimise their learning experience through creativity and inspiration.

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