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Cloud Smart School is a subsidiary of CodeGen; with over 600 employees and offices in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and Sri Lanka, we are powering Travel and Tourism, Education, Agriculture, Transportation and design centric autonomous industries. Our technology products are widely used in the American, European and Middle East regions by blue-chip businesses in multiple industries.

Tested Proven Solution

Cloud Smart School education solution is tested and proven to optimise the learning curve and learnability of students with the use of state-of-the-art technology. We have experienced an increase in student attendance school-wide and also witnessed the overall average mark increase of individual student by 25% with the use of XOLO Smart Classroom Solution.


We Believe In

Continuous Innovation

As children grow, what we offer should be meaningful to them. Similarly, as we welcome a new generation of students into the system, we are always on top of delivering what stimulates them.

Simple & Effective

Solutions that are easy to use with intuitive features will be the future of EduTech. We focus a lot on our technology stack and architecture to deliver superior user experience and scalability.

Unified Solutions

Providing a single platform to manage all needs of a school, teacher, student and parent is what we do, and how we will continue to provide you our services via Cloud Smart School.

We are inspiring change - Let's transform
the educational landscape.

High Performance Solutions Delivered

As part of the innovation team of CodeGen, we are not only transforming the education industry. We are designers in multidisciplinary fields and technology specialists, delivering premium solutions in multiple industries globally.





Join Us

We are amazed by how much we can do to invigorate the education system for our future generation. If you share the same passion as we do; partner with us for business prospects, deploy our education platform at your educational institute or join our team of enthusiastic innovators to make great even better with Cloud Smart School.

Let's Transform The Future Of Education

progressive approach in education to encourage the new generation of students to optimise their learning experience through creativity and inspiration.

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