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We are transforming the learning experience of children with the use of cutting-edge technology. Cloud Smart School education platform is a tested and proven solution for schools and education institutes to optimise its operations and management, while offering a personalised learning technique to students.


End-to-End School Management

An intuitive mechanism to get a glimpse of your school, teachers, students, and all related activities in few clicks. With multiple user portals, quick dashboard views, fee collection modules, automated management of sections, grades and classes and automated reporting, school administrators can do away with time-consuming tasks of manually managing schools or educational institutes.

Comprehensive Learning Management

Cloud Smart School’s advanced Learning Management System (LMS) delivers effective and intuitive content in forms of assessments, course material, and multimedia content. Easy navigation features enable teachers to upload content, share and assess the usage of the content distributed and its effectiveness instantly while managing lesson plans for an entire year. Our Library module supports the LMS with anywhere-anytime-quick access to resources model, enabling educators to effectively oversee the progress of classrooms, grades or sections.


Content-based Learning

Cloud Smart School education solution is designed to empower students to solve problems intuitively and in real-time. Our take on problem-solving, Learnability and Just-in-time (JIT) based education is facilitated by the effective distribution of content via Cloud Smart School Learning Management System (LMS).

Real-time Attendance Monitoring

Easy to use online attendance marking and monitoring tool allows the school administration and teachers to check trends and absenteeism in real-time. Data collated through automated reports can be crossed linked with student and teacher performance to get in-depth details to offer a progressive approach in education.


AI Powered Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights and understand the needs of your students to offer differentiated learning techniques, personalised to each student. We offer data-driven progress tracking to optimise the learning and teaching mechanism by analysing user behaviour and progress of students.

Examinations Made Easy

Our examination management platform allows educators to enter and approve student marks in a systematic manner, enabling schools to generate automated reports, average calculations, and grade-wise performance comparisons. The MCQ examination set-up provides a question bank to generate exam papers automatically and view student results in real-time.


Smart Timetable

We take an agile approach in scheduling subjects to classes and assigning of teachers online. Connect teacher attendance and the timetable management module to allot relief teachers by mapping class and teacher availability in real-time. A powerful solution for schools and institutes to schedule lessons and class times efficiently.

Powerup Parent Teacher Engagement

With the use of intuitive mobile applications for both iOS and Android, ‘Smart Teacher’ and ‘Smart Parent’ apps powered by Cloud Smart School, are designed to enhance the engagement between teachers and parents. From real-time notifications, fee payment reminders, special notices, student marks, and progress monitoring are all connected.


Data Protection & Privacy

Your data privacy is our priority; Cloud Smart School education platform is a cloud-based solution powered by Google technologies to offer extended security features that are tested and proven. Information of the school and related stakeholders can only be viewed and managed by the school administrator, while student details and performance are only made available to the respective teachers, parent and the school administration.

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