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Cloud Smart School Partner Junior Achievement Program in Sri Lanka

Cloud Smart School partnered one of the largest global youth-serving NGOs, to help prepare students to face the real world. By providing valuable information at the right time using intuitive technology, CodeGen’s Cloud Smart School solution will empower and encourage students to adapt an entrepreneurial mindset .  Junior Achievement (JA) is a movement that spearheads student entrepreneurship, work readiness, financial and language proficiency in many parts of the world.

JA was active in Sri Lanka from 1998 to 2012 as the Young Entrepreneur Sri Lanka program, which at its peak included 35,000 students across 400 schools. Only 3 percent of the country’s population are entrepreneurs, compared to many  other countries Sri Lanka is quite low in numbers for entrepreneurship. Thus, it is imperative to introduce new-age applications that will encourage the youth to engage and take action. Use of technology to connect with teachers, trainers and peers will improve communication, negotiation and networking skills of students and assist in managing their own businesses, facilitated by the JA pilot project which is now introduced at selected schools in Sri Lanka.

Cloud Smart School, is  a modular based education solution that offers management capabilities to schools, educational institutes and vocational training programs. With the use of smart technology, this solution will effectively  distribute content, manage user behavior and assist in remote learning island-wide. Thus, Cloud Smart School is a power packed solution; providing a School/ Institute Management System (SMS) and a Learning Management System (LMS) which will be used widely in the JA partnership.

“The program provides hands on experience, so that students learn not only from textbooks, but actions,” JA Asia Pacific Project Consultant Bonnie Tam said in Colombo. JA Asia Pacific is currently active in 17 locations,  has reached out to 825,386 students, and its partners include USAID, Microsoft, Bloomberg and Citibank. CodeGen is looking forward to working with the JA team to ensure a seamless operation with data driven technology implementation, to make this program a success.

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