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Cloud Smart School EduTech Introduced in Australia

Cloud Smart School EduTech Introduced in Australia

Cloud Smart School education solution powered by CodeGen International Private Limited., showcased its cutting-edge technology at CEBIT Australia 2019. CEBIT Australia merges businesses with technology to accelerate performance through seamlessly connected and effective solutions such as Cloud Smart School, from around the world.

Cloud Smart School education platform has been at the forefront of transforming the education industry in Sri Lanka for many years; a tested and proven solution for schools and educational institutes to optimise its operations and management while offering personalised learning techniques with advanced analytics.

“It was indeed a great opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of CodeGen’s home-grown education solution, to industry specialists and policymakers of Australia for education. At CEBIT, we were not only highlighted as technology specialists for education but also for training, a new market segment that we are venturing into through our comprehensive school and educational institute management system. Cloud Smart School’s capabilities were spoken of very highly due to the multiple modules our solution offers, enabling seamless digitisation and new-age technology designed to enhance the learning experience of our future generation.” stated CodeGen Cloud Smart School Director Pabasara Karunanyake.

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